endless time is useless for making art

Endless abundance is useless for making art.

It's like asking question, what would you would do with a million dollars? or if you had all the time in the world, what would you do with it? The point in asking those questions is to show you where your priorities are (or should be). It’s a good exercise, up to a point.

Knowing where your priorities are is useful, but it's not good for helping you figure out what to do with your limited resources NOW. 

The rhythm of making personal work has taught me that endless time and money does not inspire me towards greater productivity or better work. I work best having a certain amount of money, space, & time set apart for imagination and free play. I’ll admit it: having kids has squeezed my resources, but it’s made me more ferociously productive with the limited resources I have.

The key is to make sure that that certain amount is available to me on a consistent basis. That’s how my work gets done. That’s how I know where to put my efforts—by knowing the limits of my time, space, and money.

So carve out that corner. Carve out that time. Embrace your limits, because no one else has the same limits, and that's one of the things that makes everyone's work different and beautiful.