i heart johnson city: nelson fine art

In my #iheartjohnsoncity series, I can't say enough about this place. I owe a lot to @realdicknelson at Nelson Fine Art. He's the one who gave me the wild chance at a solo show of my cyanotype work last summer, which opened up a new world for me. Thanks, Dick. You're amazing in so many ways beyond that -- urban pioneer, gallerist, framer, and more. i heart johnson city | Nelson Fine Art

Dick's space was downtown before it was cool to be downtown. Also: for awhile he was the only place you could get a cup of coffee -- SO IMPORTANT as we all know. Nelson Fine Art provids a third place for people to gather, collaborate, and love the arts.

Not to mention the really awesome mural around back:

i heart johnson city | Nelson Fine Art mural

It's such a bright and wonderful reminder of the energy and persistence that's kept this community thriving in the ups and downs.