i heart johnson city: the murals

I've lived in Johnson City for coming on four years now. It's a beautiful town, full of people who care about community and revitalizing our beautiful historic downtown. One of the things that first attracted me to visiting the downtown was the giant mural on the back of the Nelson Fine Art Center. It screamed, "Awesome things are happening here."

i heart johnson city | Nelson Fine Art mural

Once downtown, two more beautiful spots popped up: a tribute to MLK and our town's train depot origins.

i heart johnson city | MLK mural

i heart johnson city | the train mural

And when Downtown Farming came to be, they joined in the fray with this hilariously awesome on-theme variation.

i heart johnson city | Downtown Farming mural

And I don't know about you, but every town needs a Pterodactyl.

i heart johnson city | pterodactyl mural

So here's my plea: I don't want to see these murals gone. I think they're a beautiful symbol of our community's excitement, energy, and endless capacity for creativity and good. That's what art is supposed to do for a community. That's what all this art is doing for our community. Let's keep it.