what I love about instant photography

I love that instant photography (while expensive), gives you all the gratification of digital, but way more unpredictability. polaroid portraits of my children // (c) jocelynmathewes.com

In that sense, it's a lot like fishing. You go out, hoping for a wonder of wonders, maybe coming home with nothing, maybe coming home with just enough to feed you to keep going.

polaroid portrait // (c) jocelynmathewes.com

But it's not like fishing, because you can come home feeling like you've caught nothing, only  you discover later on that there's this one that grows on you more and more as you look at it.

polaroid SPECTRA portrait of child running // (c) jocelynmathewes.com

Not to mention the ones that just set your heart afire, nearly instantaneously.

double-exposure portrait of child at the beach holding a feather // (c) jocelynmathewes.com

And then there are the ones that long to become something else, or a part of something else. They long to be transformed.

embroidered emulsion lift portrait // (c) jocelynmathewes.com

Those are magical.