jupiter's triumph

I've been working on a series about our solar system, and just finished this fabulous (and rather large) mixed media piece of Jupiter. jupiter's triumph (c) jocelyn mathewes

It took me a long time to want to touch this print. I had prepared the paper in advance, sized the negative to fit the brush strokes, and once it was printed, let it sit, plain and simple, on my thinking wall for what seemed like ages.

thinking wall (c) jocelyn mathewes

And then, I slowly added ink and copper.

jupiter's triumph (c) jocelyn mathewes

Making that first touch to the surface of the paper after making the print was the a hard thing, but I had to let things sit for a long time in order to make sure that the print really wasn't calling for more work to be done. You can ruin a thing when you're too excited about it.

jupiter's triumph (c) jocelyn mathewes

Once the copper was applied, the embroidery came quite naturally.

jupiter's triumph (c) jocelyn mathewes

And, finished! It seems only appropriate that as of this writing, Jupiter is one of the brightest figures in the night sky, along with several other planets, making stargazing quite a delight.

Jupiter's Triumph--a fine art original--is now available in my shop!