my place on the planet

I want my kids to get dirty. I want my kids to revel in play. I want my kids to be fully and wholly human in a way that honors their being and their place on this earth. And I want all this for myself, too. I want to be earthy--fully human--on Earth Day.

Reveling in my place on the planet is why I started making art that takes me outdoors. I believe in a God who created these things for me to enjoy, celebrate, and steward in a faithful and humble way. Having gratitude for & cherishing the gift of this amazing world that orbits the sun is the position that shows my true status: as a creature participating in creation.

And even though I'm basically allergic to the sun, I still do it. After all, being outside is restorative to body (we all need vitamin D) and soul (it calms the mind). Making this work makes me pay attention to the details that nature has to offer. It also creates a posture of possibility and opennness; I must be curious, for there may be a beautiful piece of material for my work in front of me at any time.

This attention is the part of the work that heals me from the inside out. This attention is what redirects me to creative flow, gratitude, and worship. The attention I give to the earth can help make me fully human.