the art manifesto: part 4

One of the trickiest parts of my art #manifesto is this: 4/7 - WELCOME YOUR CHILDREN

No matter the stage of parenting or artmaking, I choose to find ways to welcome my children's presence, seeing them as assets, teachers, and my greatest creative project. My children benefit from seeing what I do; it enables them to envision their own careers and paths through life. And I benefit from the presence of my children; they are an external force that pushes me to do the things that truly matter.

my children draw
my children draw

The rules: keep your children safe, give them ways to be involved (or not) as they choose. Let them be as they are; do not fight against their natures or needs, but remember that they are not in command. This is a delicate and ever-changing terrain to navigate.

Work and life (children) are not separate things. They are dance partners that together create a beautiful spectacle when moving in rhythm, and then appear as one.