the art manifesto: part 5

This part of my artist #manifesto is almost as hard as the fourth (welcoming children), but here goes: 5/7 - CREATE CLEAR BOUNDARIES

In order to create effectively and joyfully, I have to understand where my work begins and where I end. It's impossible not to infuse my work with who I am, but it's paramount that I remember that I am not my work. Establishing this boundary enables me to consider criticism, to evaluate, and to be more deeply honest with myself about where I feel vulnerable in my artmaking.

Knowing where my art ends means I must also remember the things I will not sacrifice for my art. These are: my health, my marriage, and my children. The rhythm and balance between the elements can be in flux, but these must always be protected.

a textile piece
a textile piece

Creating boundaries around my health, marriage, and children effectively happens when I communicate needs, expectations, and policies directly and concisely to others, whether I'm dealing with family, clients, colleagues, friends, customers, or anyone else. It also means that use my wisdom to choose my words, timing, and inner circle with care.

Since the internet is forever (and not truly private) I use social media with these boundaries and the good of my family in mind. My particular policies are free to change as my life & technology change, but they remain under that umbrella.