the art manifesto: part 6

After a day of enjoying family time outdoors, continuing my #artistmanifesto seemed appropriate: 6/7 - INTENTIONAL INSPIRATION

Garbage in, garbage out.

My creative output will be enhanced and shaped by the stimuli I take in. As much as I can, I will create habits and methods that will help me take in new, unexpected things outside my normal sphere. As much as I can, I will create habits that allow me to plunge deeply into topics and activities that spark my curiosity, scratch the itch for novelty, and that bring me joy.

the appalachian mountains
the appalachian mountains

One of the largest sources I wish to fuel from is the outdoors. Even though an autoimmune disorder has left me allergic to the sun (and, ironically, the UV rays I use to create my work), I will not let that hold me back. Rather, I can find ways and shape my practices so that no matter the season I can drink from the deep well of peace that is the gift of Nature.