the solar system collection

The solar system has arrived. Ever since New Horizons flew past Pluto last summer, I've had the itch to make portraits of the rest of the planets in our solar system.

(Yeah yeah yeah I know Pluto's technically "not a planet" and all that, but Pluto is still Kind of A Big Deal, and so deserves it, I think.)

And so I did. Now, in all its glory, you can see the rest of the planets in the starry heavens of cyanotype.

Earth (detail) // (c)

Most of the beginning images were supplied by the recent unmanned spacecraft missions from NASA (New Horizons, Cassini & Juno among them).

Mars & Saturn (detail) // (c)

From a standpoint of scientific interest, my favorite planet is the sideways, lightly-ringed and nearly textureless Uranus (at left, below). I'd call it the quiet nerdy type of planet... beautiful upon close examination.

Uranus & Neptune // (c)

From a standpoint of printing cyanotypes, I went a little nuts over Jupiter. It is, after all, the largest planet with a crazy-wild storm that's been roaring for centuries. You really can't deny--Jupiter's got presence. Large & in charge.

jupiter's triumph (c) jocelyn mathewes

Mercury & Venus // (c)

The original solar system prints are now available, as well as prints & accessories for your gifting enjoyment!

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