world cyanotype day 2017

Celebrating World Cyanotype Day has become something of a joy for me. Through this antiquated process, I've learned about and connected with artists from all over the world who enjoy the same simplicity and beauty that I do.

This year, I decided to open my studio & host a little party in my little corner of the world too.

Open Studio + Live Demonstration


With example prints and kids biking all over my driveway, I recorded a live demonstration (replay here on Facebook) that used morning glories from my garden and made a print from a 24x36" piece of fabric.

I can't wait to make something beautiful with the resulting image; it doesn't feel finished to me yet, but I'm letting my ideas simmer.

Sister City Cyanotype Project

In collaboration with A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, we celebrated a sister-city World Cyanotype Day in Johnson City, Tennessee by swapping sheets of pre-exposed fabric through the mail in order to create double-exposed prints!


If you've missed out on celebrating World Cyanotype Day, never fear. There's always a great time to make art, and this process is a bucket of fun to learn. If you'd like to get started on your own, view & download my Cyanotype Resource Sheet. You can also contact me to schedule a group class or private lesson. And don't forget to explore more of World Cyanotype Day from this year by checking out the #wwcd2017 hasthag!