OCEAN VIEW is a series of images I completed in 2018 exploring my relationship to the sun. One of the struggles with my chronic illness is that I have to limit my exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. As a photographer, this turned out to be an immense benefit, as it meant I was required to structure my time to be outdoors in the early and late parts of the day—right around “golden hour.”

These photographs, created within the strictures of my chronic illness, are an expression of how I embrace my limits in my creative practice, as well as the beauty that I get to see because of the limits of my illness.


Each of these images was shot on Polaroid Originals color instant film with a restored SX-70 camera.


This project (and others) is an embodiment of my art manifesto, where I choose to embrace the tension of making artwork in the context of family life. I completed this series during the third year of my Artist Residency in Motherhood, and is a visual companion to my other reflections on chronic illness.