I'm a mixed-media fine artist living in East Tennessee.

Here's what I love to do:



I was homeschooled by an artist and a mathematician, so while in high school algebra and chemistry were my favorite subjects, my house was littered with art materials and I was given time and freedom to make a mess with them. In college, I studied English Literature and Studio Art. I fell in love with the art of making things with words and materials.

In my professional post-college career, I bounced between creating stories with text (writing), stories you tell with text and images (graphic design), and stories told with images alone (photography). I'm most happy with a beautiful mix of real-life people and working with materials.

I now live in East Tennessee (alongside many other talented Appalachian artists) with my husband and three children. I work in mixed media, but much of my work is based in photography and its cousins. My great love is cyanotype, one of the oldest and first photographic processes.

I love to share the power and fascination of art with others through in-person workshops and online through my blog. Art is a powerful healing connection, and it brings me joy to bring it to you.




Work with me to make awesome of photographs of you.

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